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Get familiar with the Air Guard

The Air Guard is the ideal complement to college.

Our student members are full-time students at public and private North Dakota colleges or vocational schools. Then each month they serve a weekend at the 119th base in Fargo. That combination give them:

  • Broad exposure to career options that can be used anywhere
  • Hands-on leadership training
  • Great pay and free tuition

Members commit to serve one weekend per month plus 15 days per year (typically in the summer) at bases right in our state

What happens after college?

  • Earn a graduate degree (Air Guard pays a portion)
  • Pursue a "civilian" career
  • Start a full-time position in any of 70 different career choices with the Air Guard
  • A combination of the above
  • What about the pressure to enlist?

    We have a no-pressure recruiting process for students and their parents. We’re looking for people with the right fit. Parents are welcome at family visits, job shadowing and other aspects of the process: just as you visit a college campus and meet staff members, we want you to experience the Air Guard.

Make a difference from the start

What are the financial benefits?

Air Guard pays for college and provides a monthly paycheck.

In exchange for service (think of it as a part-time job), students receive:

  • Up to 100% undergrad tuition assistance (at any North Dakota state college or vocational school)
  • Approx. 75% tuition assistance for master degree
  • Additional $375 - $725/month, tax-free
  • Other benefits of military service, including affordable insurance
Get the support to achieve your dreams

Who else is in the Air Guard?

Your student will join other bright, ambitious young people to pursue education and launch their careers while serving their communities.

For members and their families, the Air Guard also provides:

  • An instant positive peer group
  • Programs focused on developing skills, discipline and confidence
  • Mentorship to achieve goals
  • Valuable real-life, hands-on experiences
  • Stability (90% + members stay associated with the Air Guard)
  • Family atmosphere (The "Happy Hooligans” are truly a family)

Air Guard members typically go on to careers in high-technology, information technologies, civil engineering trades, intelligence, medical/public safety, emergency management, electrical and HVAC and many other fields.

Most students continue their Air Guard association. Either way, the skills that students gain here help them launch and accelerate their careers.

See what parents & students say

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